Have you ever noticed a new product on the shelf while at the store, or noticed a change to a product that you use all the time? When manufacturers introduce new or improved products and services, marketing research is conducted to gather consumers’ opinions. By becoming a member of Community Panel, you will be compensated for participating in group discussions or one-on-one interviews that make up marketing research studies.

We seek members in the greater Cincinnati and Cleveland areas where our research facilities are located. Average participation in a research study lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Compensation for your participation and thoughts can range from $40 to $100 depending on the study.

Manufacturers usually ask us to invite Community Panel members to a study based on various factors. In the sign up process, we will ask you to tell us some things about you, your household, and the products you usually use. We strictly enforce confidentiality and cannot do our work without safeguarding the information you provide to us. When we have a research study that we think you might qualify for, we will contact you by text message, email or phone to ask you a short series of questions and then schedule you for the research study if you qualify.

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Community Panel is operated by MarketVision Research, a leading US marketing research company that conducts research around the globe.

Photo of Cincinnati locationCincinnati area research studies usually take place at our facility in Blue Ash. Occasionally some are held in other greater Cincinnati locations.

Photo of Cleveland locationCleveland area research studies usually take place at our facility in Independence. Occasionally some are held in other greater Cleveland locations.

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